No Free Horses!

No Free Horses!
Shiloh - a rescued horse (date was 7/14)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pounds Lighter!

I came home from the office and changed into old jeans, grabbed some brushes and headed down to the pasture . . . and brushed five of the eleven horses . . . Snickers the pony was happy as a clam to let me brush and comb and brush and comb and scratch and comb . . . and cuddle . . . and when we were done, he felt loads better and loads lighter . . . 

and more hair
and, still . . . more to spare
but he looks a bit more slender, don't you think?

Also, the gnats were out enforce . . . and were eating the insides of all of the horses' ears, so I rubbed inside their ears . . . which they seemed to appreciate . . .

Moxie, the Morgan, who is fairly thin-skinned and sensitive, was especially bothered by the gnats . . . shaking his head every few seconds . . .

Can't believe it's time for fly spray already!!!


  1. Look! You made another pony!!! Found the gnats in my horses ears a few days ago. They were making them bleed! Put some Gnat off cream of some sort I had in my horse trailer, and it seems to be working.

    All our TX rain is going to make for a lot of bugs here this season

  2. LOL . . . well . . . I could certainly make a STUFFED pony with all that hair!

    Yep, there was blood on my thumb . . . that's what clued me in that the gnats were there. The horses have so much hair in their ears, still, that I didn't even notice that the gnats were inside.

    What is the Gnat-Off cream? I have that pink wound dressing that has fly repellent in it, but it's so sticky and I hate to put it in their ears. I wonder if that roll-on fly repellent will work? I used to spread petroleum jelly in their ears . . . or Bag Balm . . . Not quite as sticky as the pink stuff.

  3. Wow. That is a LOT of hair from that lil guy. :-) I loved his summer pic below... it's amazing how beautiful and slim and trim the horses get once they shed their winter coats!

    I was just outside photographing an airplane that was doing a lil crop dusting nearby. Now I'll need to look through 400 photos (yikes!) to see if any are worthy. :)

  4. Dusting?? Who's doing dusting? I avoid it at all costs . . . and in KS, that's pretty radical! lol


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